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Follow-up with Not Working Project from Summer 2011 interview

Little over a year ago, I saw a note sent out from the Kansas City Metro Networking Job Club about how a team tied to a project called Not Working was in the Kansas City area and wanted to talk to individuals who were laid off and are still unemployed. I contacted D.W. Gibson to see if he had time to be interviewed about what the project was about and what they had found since they had been on this cross-country trip to talk to people.

Recently, a book about the Not Working Project’s trip across America in the summer of 2011 was released. You can find out more information about where to get the book on the Not Working website

Here is the interview I did with D.W. Gibson and M.J. Sieber in July 2011:

Here are a few links with info about the Not Working Project:

Short excerpt of Dominick Brocato’s story of unemployment in Kansas City

The Unemployed Finally Speak Out: D.W. Gibson’s ‘Not Working’

D.W. Gibson talks about the experience of putting together the Not Working project

Finally, here is a link to the original Not Working blog that they updated last year while traveling across the country:

Not Working Travel Blog



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