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This blog is for you, the job seeker!

The goal with this blog is to share some  job search information/articles and highlight others who are looking for a job in the Kansas City metro area. The unemployment rate may only say it is around 9.6%, but that does not take into account those who are working at a job that barely pays the bills and they are still looking for a full-time job or they gave up for now to find a job. Those who are “hidden” in the unemployment rate percentage DO COUNT! We have to give a voice to those who are in this situation and that is what we hope to accomplish with this blog.

We fully believe the statistics that say networking with other people is the greatest opportunity for someone to get a job. There is a group here in Kansas City that many may not know about called New Landings. They started out as a job club for job seekers, but have rapidly grown to become a resource center for middle class job seekers in providing weekly meetings with speakers and occasional networking meetings at various places around the KC metro area. They have also organized job fairs and the leadership team in place has spent countless hours doing what they can to help job seekers as they navigate the difficult landscape of finding a job. Also, New Landings has a “Current Landings” section on their website where they list those job seekers who “landed” a job in the current month and year to date. Also, a nifty calculation mentions how much total economic contribution in millions the landings to date have added to the economy as a result of people getting jobs.

You can connect with New Landings via various social media channels to keep up to date on meetings, links to job resources/articles, etc. Follow New Landings on Twitter. Join them on Facebook. Also, they 2,000 members who have joined their LinkedIn group. We highly recommend checking out New Landings on LinkedIn as there are many jobs posted on there each week and information about meetings, resources, etc. Also, it gives job seekers an opportunity to interact with other people and get to know them. We are all alike in that we are looking for a job, but offer so much in what we each individually have as our unique talents and gifts.

Off the soapbox talking about New Landings, we want to make this blog a resource for job seekers to understand we are all in this together as we continue to look for jobs and this blog is about you. We also plan to highlight a few people each week who are looking for a job with information on what they are looking for, their background, etc. You can also expect to see a lot of information/resources on networking events that you can attend to mingle with like-minded professionals. We are also interested in having guest blog posts done by those who are recruiters or want to share information about opportunities that would benefit job seekers.

Also, there is a vision to start having interviews with professionals in various industries who will give a background about how they got started in their chosen field and what steps they took to get to where they are today. We feel there is so much that can be learned from reading about how others got the jobs they have today and how each of us can take similar steps to a job we would love to do. If you know of any professionals who are interested in such interviews, please let us know by dropping a note to

In closing, we welcome your comments and ideas on how we can make this a blog for job seekers that gives encouragement and hope that we so often need.


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